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If you're seeking the tranquility and beauty of the ocean's embrace, Vitamin Sea is your perfect companion. At the forefront, the fragrance opens with a burst of citrusy freshness, combining zesty lemon and uplifting bergamot. Crisp apple adds a touch of sweetness, while the invigorating sea spray note transports you to the edge of the ocean. As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes unfold a graceful blend of green bamboo and white rose, providing a hint of earthy sophistication and a touch of floral elegance. Orange zest contributes a sunny and vibrant quality. The fragrance gracefully settles into a serene and tranquil base. Sea salt enhances the sea-kissed air, while a water accord adds a clean and refreshing quality. The subtle and soothing warmth of Musk reminds are never more than a moment away from palm trees, blue skies, and warm sand.

Vitamin Sea beach swing
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