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Close your eyes and smile as you breathe in a fresh and fruity paradise. Imagine strolling along a sun-drenched coastline, the salty breeze mingling with the sweet tang of tropical fruits. Aloha Beaches opens with a burst of vibrant freshness, where the zesty allure of Pineapple, Satsuma Orange, and Yuzu intertwine, evoking the sensation of biting into succulent citrus under the warm sun. As the fragrance unfolds, a wave of invigorating Grapefruit and spicy Ginger emerges, adding depth and complexity to the olfactory journey. Finally, the scent settles into a serene base, reminiscent of the soothing calm of the ocean's embrace, with notes of Sea Salt and Aloe Leaf blending seamlessly with the creamy sweetness of Vanilla.

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