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Coastal Dunes is an invitation to escape to the tranquility of the coast, where the invigorating sea breeze and the soothing aroma of coastal flora converge to create an enchanting and timeless experience. At the outset, Coastal Dunes opens with invigorating Marine Aldehydes that capture the essence of a crisp sea breeze. Sea salt enhances the salty tang of the ocean air, while white sage adds an herbal complexity, reminiscent of coastal flora. As the fragrance develops, the heart notes unfold with lush green foliage, invigorating Eucalyptus, and a touch of woody depth with cedar leaf. Coastal Dunes gracefully concludes with a base that echoes the serenity of the shoreline. Driftwood adds a weathered and earthy quality, embodying the beauty of sun-worn timber washed ashore. A powerful and sophisticated scent that embodies confidence.

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