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welcome to the bougie beach club

loyalty program


Join the Club to start earning $and Dollars you can cash in at chekout. Pull up a beach chair and start saving!

  1. 01

    Join the Club

    • The Bougie Beach Club is a loyalty program that rewards you with "$AND DOLLARS" you can use to save money on your favorite Bougie Beach products. The more you shop, the more $and Dollars you earn and the more money you save.

  2. 02

    Ways to Earn Sand Dollars

    • Place an Order

      Get 1 SAND DOLLARS for every $1 spent

    • Join the Bougie Beach Club!

      Get 50 SAND DOLLARS

  3. 03

    Redeem Sand Dollars

    • Sign Up for 50 Sand Dollars

      50 SAND DOLLARS = $5 off orders over $35

    • 150 Sand Dollars gets you $15 OFF your order!

      150 SAND DOLLARS = $15 off orders over $75

    • Collect 250 Sand Dollars & get $25 OFF your order!

      250 SAND DOLLARS = $25 off orders over $100

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